Airport Oxygen

There are only 2 US carriers that provide oxygen on the plane, on very limited flights. Alaska Airlines will provide oxygen on flights with in Alaska and Alaska to Seattle and Portland. Continental Micronesia will only provide oxygen out of Guam. There are many international carriers that will provide oxygen on the plane. If your traveling with in the US, the best option these days is to use a Portable Oxygen Concentrator. However, we still offer airport oxygen service for international inbound or outbound flights.

Advanced Aeromedical, Inc. provides Airport Oxygen Services. We can meet you at the gate of your arriving flight or curbside with therapeutic medical oxygen at most airports in the US and the UK. We can escort the person using oxygen to their next flight or to other transportation. We will be there on time with plenty of oxygen equipment in case of any delays. Call us with flight information to get a quote at 800-346-3556.

Obtaining a Gate Pass

A Gate Pass for a Special Needs Traveler can be obtained at the ticket counter of your airline. This will allow one person not traveling access through security, up to the gate of the plane. This person escorts the person using oxygen to a flight where the airline is providing oxygen. This extra person then leaves the airport with the oxygen equipment. Call us for more questions about obtaining a gate pass at 800-346-3556.