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As of August 23, 2016 it is now easier for people to travel with a portable oxygen concentrator. The newest FAA ruling eliminates the need for a doctor signed physician statement, previously required by all airlines. As of August 23, 2016 some airlines still require a specific airline physician statement, call your airline and ask a customer service representative for the up to date rules. A prescription for oxygen is still required by the US Food & Drug Admistration to obtain a portable oxygen concentrator. Some airlines still require notification via telephone or passenger signed document prior to travel, see your airline’s website for updated rules and regulations.

Flying with a Portable Oxygen Concentrator relies on the use of battery power. Each unit has its own battery with different battery duration times at different flow rates of oxygen and delivery methods. Most airlines require 150% of the fight time to equal the battery time. Some airlines require travel time +3 hours, including any stops along the way. Refer to your airlines battery requirements on there website or call there customer service.

Check out our NEW FAA Approved Portable Oxygen Concentrator Reference and Battery Duration Chart! If you would like these postcard size cards sent to you or your organization, send us an email at info@aeromedic.com. NEW cards updated April 2018!


What is an Oxygen Concentrator?

An Oxygen Concentrator is an electric/mechanical machine that delivers therapeutic medical oxygen to a person prescribed by a physician. The air we breathe contains 21% oxygen. This machine operates using a compressor and a series of special filters (sieve beds) designed to trap the Nitrogen (78%) that is already in the atmosphere around the machine. It takes this air and releases the nitrogen and other elements in the air, leaving behind the therapeutic (90% +/- 3%) medical oxygen delivered to the patient via nasal cannula, trach mask or other oxygen delivery method.

There are now basically 2 types of oxygen concentrators, stationary and portable. Stationary oxygen concentrators operate off of AC or Wall Power. As long as you have electricity, the machine will run and produce medical oxygen until the machine is turned off or a loss of electricity is experienced. The power in the USA is 110VAC/60Hz and all stationary machines sold in the USA only work on the electrical current. It is not advised to use one of the machines out of our country where the voltage is different.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are similar, but the motor inside is a DC motor with the ability to run on battery power or plugged into DC or Car Power via the cigarette lighter adapter. These machines are capable of operating on any voltage current in the world, automatically.Portable oxygen concentrators weigh dramatically less than stationary oxygen concentrators. They are designed for portability, giving the user many more options than ever before. Prior to portable oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen cylinders and liquid oxygen portable units where the only option. Both of these have the same problem, they have to be refilled. Compressed gas portable oxygen cylinders are usually refilled via a local home care provider delivering and collecting filled and empty cylinders on a monthly, weekly, or even a daily basis. There are some home fill units which allow a user to refill their own compressed oxygen tanks. A base unit is still required for a home fill oxygen cylinder setup. Liquid Oxygen also requires a base home reservoir for portable units to fill from. Not to mention, portable oxygen cylinders and portable liquid oxygen units are forbidden on commercial aircraft.

The advent of portable oxygen concentrators has given the opportunity of travel to many people. Giving people the option of recharging via electricity opens more doors or flexibility for travel. No longer having to run back to a supply of oxygen cylinders. Simply, find an electrical outlet and continue on. Having access to 1 machine to provide all of your oxygen needs is a valuable resource.

August 23, 2016
14 CFR Part 382
[Docket No.: FAA-2014-0554; Amdt. Nos. 1-69, 11-59, 121-374, 125-65, and 135-133]
RIN 2120–AK32 Acceptance Criteria for Portable Oxygen Concentrators Used On Board Aircraft AGENCIES: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Office of the Secretary (OST), Department of Transportation (DOT).
ACTION: Final rule.
Check it out here: 14 CFR Part 382 Federal Document. Lots of changes!